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New Beekeeper? End The Confusion! Lift Fewer Boxes, Disrupt Fewer Bees, And Inspect Fewer Frames

A Langstroth Hive You Can Inspect Sitting Down, Without Removing Supers... Seriously!

Our Two Queen Hive Is AWESOME For Raising Queens

How We Double Demaree Our Two Queen Hive For Increased Honey Production

Tired Of Swarms??? Tired Of Lifting Boxes??? We Show How To Demaree The Keeper's Hive

See Us On 6abc Philadelphia: Beekeepers create ‘The Keeper’s Hive’ to make hobby more accessible

When Is It Time To Perform The Demaree Method For Swarm Control?

Installing A Package Of Bees In The Keeper's Hive

Using A Follower Board To Match Hive Space To Colony Size

Maximizing Honey Production With The Two Queen Keeper

How To Move Bees Back Below The Queen Excluder For Spring

Propolis Test! We Didn't Touch This Hive For 17 Months...

Starting New Colonies In Our Two Queen Hive!

Late Winter Supplemental Feeding, Six Weeks Till The Nectar Flow!

We Sat Down For Our First Hive Inspection Of 2024

Easy Winter Hive Checks! Winterthur Apiary January Update

Addressing Common Questions And Concerns About The Keeper's Hive!

Two Ways To Overwinter The One Queen Keeper

Can Bees Survive Winter In A Wood Single Brood Chamber Hive? Overwintering Priorities And FAQs

Watch our interview with David Burns!

The Keeper's Hive Testimonial - Leela, 2nd Year Beekeeper, 5 Colonies

We were interviewed by Frederick Dunn for his Interviews with Innovators series!

Testing The Keeper's Hive At Winterthur Museum, Garden, And Library

Crowdfunding Video: Introducing The Keeper's Hive

One Queen Keeper Overview

Two Queen Keeper Overview

What About Propolis???

Let's Talk About Honey!

Swarm Control Using The Demaree Method

Single Brood Chamber Benefits