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The Keeper's Hive

One Queen Keeper - Basic Beehive

One Queen Keeper - Basic Beehive

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The price listed is an estimate. Final pricing will depend on the success of our crowdfunding campaign and the scale of production at launch. Our long-term goal is to make this product as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality.

The hardware and features on the shipped product may differ slightly from those pictured here, but overall functionality will be exactly the same.

Hives are shipped unassembled and unpainted.

Included in this purchase:

  • Modified brood chamber
  • Follower board
  • Observation panel
  • (2) Removable frame guards
  • Queen excluder
  • Modified medium nuc spacer box
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Details and Specifications

Originally called "The Datto Hive" after our co-founder George, the One Queen Keeper is an 8 frame deep single brood chamber hive that uses nuc boxes as honey supers and requires minimal lifting to manage.

  • Brood chamber is a standard 10 frame deep box (modified to hold 8 frames)
  • Frames rest on top of the box rather than inside it, making them easy to remove
  • Removable frame guards protect the ends of the frames from propolis
  • No-lift access to the brood chamber for bee-friendlier inspections
  • Accepts standard Langstroth components and works with wooden or plastic frames
  • Follower board allows for brood chamber size adjustment (2-8 frames)
  • Simplifies and expedites the highly effective Demaree method for swarm control
  • 5 frame medium nuc supers allow for Spring, Summer and Fall honey harvesting
  • Check mite levels and apply treatments without any lifting
  • Insert division board feeders, place pollen patties, and other nutrition in minutes
  • Can be overwintered with 8 or 13 frames, with easy emergency feeding
  • Observation window for assessing hive strength without disturbing any bees
  • Space under roof can be used for hive records, thermometer, insulation, and more
  • Weather strip prevents rain from leaking through the roof
  • Replacement parts available should you need them

If you are unfamiliar with single brood chamber management or the Demaree method for swarm control, there are many resources available here and elsewhere to help guide you.

The Keeper's Hive: One Queen Keeper Overview